We’ve earned Millions of dollars in awarded settlements for our clients.

A few testimonials from many, many of our clients:


I am very happy with the law firm of Wigod & Falzon, P.C. in representing me in my third party case.  Attorney James Ekleberry did a very good job and was always very responsive to me.  He kept me well informed.  The whole process did not take long and I would highly recommend the law firm of Wigod & Falzon, P.C. to my family and friends.
–Sharon P., Redford, MI


Wigod & Falzon, P.C. did everything to recover both my no-fault benefits and a $500,000.00 settlement for my pain and suffering. Larry and James answered all the questions I asked, took the time to make me feel comfortable, and helped me through an exceptionally stressful time. I would definitely recommend Wigod & Falzon to anyone who suffered a personal injury.
-C. Thomas, Oakland County, MI


My experience with the law firm of Wigod & Falzon was a good one. The communication between my attorney and the staff was great.  Everything was always explained to me and I believe my settlement was a fair one.  I would definitely recommend Wigod & Falzon.
– Lutherine H., Oak Park, MI


This was the first time we had to deal with the issue of a car accident.  The attorneys and staff of Wigod & Falzon took us through every single step, helped us to understand the process, really just held our hands all the way through.  Being the very first experience we’ve had with lawyers, we can honestly say it was a great experience and this coming from a retired manager for a major corporation and previously in customer service for an American company. We can’t say enough good things about Wigod & Falzon.
– Tatiana and Sam M., Detroit, MI


I greatly appreciate all of the hard and smart work, dedication and perseverance of Wigod & Falzon in making sure that my case had a good result with a low stress process.  I don’t want  anyone to have any accidents, of course, but sometimes those happen, and I would always refer any family member or friend to Wigod & Falzon, who are trustworthy, effective litigation lawyers.  Thank you.
– Andrew S., Detroit, MI


The employees at Wigod & Falzon, P.C. were kind to me during my lawsuit, they put me first and were very diligent in the handling of my case.  They have a family-like atmosphere which I love.  I would definitely refer family and friends to their law firm.
– William B., Detroit, MI


I like the trust that I have in my attorneys at Wigod & Falzon, P.C.  I felt like I was in good hands.  I knew someone was on my side.  I never felt alone throughout my case.
–  James C., Flint, MI


 I feel like the law firm of Wigod & Falzon, P.C. looked out for my best interests throughout the process of my automobile accident case.   I was very satisfied with the job they did and I would definitely recommend them to my family and friends.
– Mekiba K., Eastpointe, MI


My attorneys, Lawrence Falzon and James Ekleberry, always answered all the questions I had during my lawsuit and were very responsive to me.  The staff at Wigod & Falzon, P.C. were also very helpful any time I called or visited the office.  I am very happy with the outcome of my case and would highly recommend them.
– Paul L., Waterford, MI


Wigod & Falzon, P.C.  is a really great office.  I had never been through anything like this before and I really feel that my PIP team was a lifesaver.
– George G., Clinton Township, MI.


The entire staff at Wigod & Falzon, P.C., did a great job handling my no-fault case, starting with meeting with Lawrence Falzon, to the no-fault clerk and law clerk who handled my case, and my attorney, Eric Rosenberg.  I really appreciated all the work they did to make sure I was given everything that I was entitled to.
– Michael L., Detroit, MI